1. What areas can be treated?

All parts of the face can be treated, Volite can be used on the neck area

2. What does the treatment involve?

The patient has a topical anaesthetic to numb the area and then the filler is placed in different regions of the face

3. How long until I can see the results?

It is instant, but does improve over a 2 week period as the area becomes more hydrated

4. How long will the results last for?

The answer to this varies, it depends on the individual and how long it takes their body to break it down, but on average; Volift is 12 months, Volbella is 12 months, Voluma is 18 months.

5. Are dermal fillers safe?

Yes, the Juverderm range that we use has hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in the body 

6. Who can not have dermal fillers?

There are some people who are not suitable for dermal fillers, however a full medical history will be taken at your first appointment


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