NeoStrata® is a scientifically advanced, clinically proven skincare recommended by your practitioner to visibly resurface, restore and refine your skin so you look and feel beautiful as you see a dramatic, noticeable change in your skin.

NeoStrata® has been proven effective across a wide variety of skin types and skin conditions, including photoageing, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, severe dryness and acne.

  • Topical anaesthetic is applied for 30 minutes pre-procedure.
  • Skincare formulated to address your skin needs:
  • Skin Active – Advanced comprehensive anti-ageing
  • Resurface – Anti-ageing for improved texture and clarity
  • Restore – Powerful anti-ageing without irritation
  • Refine – Anti-ageing for oily and blemish prone skin
  • Targetted Treatment – Intensive for specific concerns
  • Enlighten – Promotes bright even skin tone
  • Treatments – Skin Rejuvenations Systems (SRS) Peels
  • Bluebell® stocks entire range of Neostrata® products

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